You mean she would rather imagine herself relating to an absent person than build relationships with those around her?
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When I was very young I had a huge crush on Don Johnson, and I continue to do so. […] So Quentin Tarantino one day was doing his next movie, and he was shooting with him. He said ‘Oh, Diane, I’m gonna be shooting with Don Johnson’. And I said ‘[gasp]…D-Don…Don Johnson! I-I love him!!’. And he said ‘Well, I’m shooting in Louisiana’, and I was doing a movie in Baton Rouge, and he said ‘Come and meet him!’, and I said ‘I-I can’t, I’d probably… I’d lose… I… I can’t’. So, I don’t go and six months later we’re at the Vanity Fair party after the Oscars. I’m standing with Quentin and Cristoph Waltz, and Quentin goes ‘Look who’s here!’ and I turn around and it’s Don Johnson with his wife and I immediately start crying. It’s so —no but, like, really— I mean… I had a few too many, let’s be honest.

But it was so embarrassing, I’m like ‘Oh my god you’re Don Johnson. Wait I have your song —I love you for your song, and I have it on my phone, and here, it’s on my phone, and I’ll play it for you!’, and he is so embarrassed and his wife is so embarrassed for me, and my boyfriend is like ‘Diane you really - you need to stop talking now’ but I’m like ‘No, but I love you!’. (x)

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Anonymous asked:
do you have a link where i can watch the new skins even though i live in the u.s

sure! you can watch it on youtube or here (in better quality) :)

"I promised Emily once that I would never ever hurt her again. And when the New York job came up… it didn’t even seem like that big of a deal, because we’re Naomi and Emily. It didn’t matter because we love each other. And now… now I have to hurt her so much… and it might never be okay again."

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